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As noted on the front page, there will now be a 2- or 3-week hiatus. I wanted to post these pages together, though, because they kinda fit together as a unit, and end in a decent stopping place.

Also, this set of pages include cameos for all of my current set of Patreon backers. Mostly this takes the form of names on shop signs, but there's also one person's RPG character, and one person appears in, well, person. Due to poor planning on my part, a great deal of the sign text on the main splash page became illegible at the regular comic-page size -- consequently there is a larger version of page 77 available, in which the street signs are actually readable. I'll probably end up doing some touch-up to the Galleria pages later (adding more flourishes and details; redrawing some of the rougher bits) and will try to make the signs more readable at that point.

Anyway, if you can't figure out where your cameo is, drop me a comment. (Which I will probably then fail to answer. Because I am on vacation. But I'll answer eventually!) There's also more information in the Patreon activity feed.

The cameos are a spontaneous Patreon perk that was suggested by one of my backers in the Patreon feed. Backing me on Patreon gets you access to backers-only discussion and the opportunity to get in on stuff like this. Trust me, there will be lots more opportunities in the future. If you want to sponsor the comic, you can go here to sponsor it for as little as $1/month, and get access to perks like the above! (But you are also entirely welcome to read it for free.)

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